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I am an avid flight simulator fan. Currently I spend most of my time on Microsoft Flight Simulator. My favorite plane is the 747-400. It takes 30mins to run through all pre-flight routines and program the FMC but thats what I like. I only wish I had more money to deck out and build myself a proper level D simulator.

At home I own the CH Products Fighterstick and fly HOTAS with the CH Products Pro Throttle. When flying civil aviation I use the CH Products Eclipse Yoke which I find an excellent yoke to meet all my needs. The best part about owning almost all CH Products is their programming software. I can save button assignments separate to the flight simulator program and this helps me swap and change out flight controllers without ever having to worry about re-assigning axis etc. Thank god for CH Products software, I can’t imagine ever imagine booting up a sim without it.

For flight rudders and throttle quadrants I have gone with saitek, and use the Saitek Pro Flight Combat Rudder Pedals with the Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant for additional engine management.

I play run all my sims on a 27″ monitor and have a TrackIR 5 which makes looking around the virtual cockpit so easy.

Without a doubt an expensive hobby, which I don’t always have time for but having this gear decked out in my command center (room) lets me escape from the harsh realities of life… even if its only for 30mins a day.

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