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CH Products Pro Pedals

CH Products Pro Pedals

CH products pro pedals, what another accessory?

So you got your favorite flight simulator installed (check), decided a keyboard wouldn’t hack it anymore and got a joystick or yoke (check), then try as you may there seems to be a whole other axis of control that you have been trying to get around without spending money on. You know rudders!

There are a couple of cheap alternatives to solving the rudder issue

  1. Ignore it. If you are a MS flight simmer than you can enable auto rudder in the options and that will automatically control your rudders to keep your plane facing into the turn at the right angle.
  2. Twist joystick rudders. If you have it, otherwise buy a joystick that allows rotation. A saitek x52 pro will allow you do just that. Now you can control the rudders using the joystick. However, if you are like me, trying to control 3 axis simultaneously to keep a coordinated turn is damn near on impossible.
  3. Re-assign the rudders. Find a spare button or paddle control like on the CH Products Eclipse Flight Yoke.
  4. Build your own flight pedals out of wood for only $25,a bit of time and a lot of skill.

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Buy the CH Products Pro Pedals Cheap at Amazon!

The CH products pro pedals have been on the market for at least 10 years. Surprisingly there are not a lot of reviews on them online. There a lot of user comments but on the whole CH products have existed before the internet was really a place to buy products online and these pedals have been out for a very long time. A testament to the build and design, good then and obviously still good enough now.  Today lets see how they face against competition from logitech and saitek.ch products pro pedals

One thing must be said from the outset, from a lot of the comments I am reading on forums and hearing on youtube videos, these CH products pro pedals are going to last you a life time. Literally. Even if you have a problem, such as the toe brakes not working after nth number of years of use, there is a video on youtube that shows how you can simply fix it yourself with merely a wire stripper and a soldering iron. CH products are built to last, and if you manage to break it there is a great chance you can just pop of a screw or two and fix it yourself. Super right?

Why do I need flight pedals?

Although most joysticks and some flight yokes allow you to control the rudder axis by way of a joystick twist or thumb pedals this is not realistic and can actually build some bad habits. You also lose out on differential braking and taxiing on the tarmac becomes a lot harder.

If you have a dedicated set of flight rudder pedals you free your hands to focus on controlling the X and Y axis while your feet are being trained to work independently to control the rudder axis. Needless to say if you are looking for the uppermost in realism then a set of flight rudder pedals will be a necessary purchase.

If you are sitting on the fence about getting pedals, dont be. They make such a big difference to your overall flying experience and bring the whole thing closer to reality, since real planes use pedals and not gimmicks to control the rudders. You need pedals to taxi, coordinate a turn, aim your and spray your machine gun…

Update: CH Products Pro Pedals looks to be on sale at Amazon!

CH Pro Pedals Design

The pedals plug into a free usb port, as the pedals are really design to be used in a specific way there is really no need to go in and assign functions to the axis. Like all CH Products the software combines all products into only one visible game device as far as any game or simulator is concerned. This maybe important because some programs will only ever recognise and use one game device at a time, or set the default joystick to the pedals rudder in effect making you have to reassign all the controls again! So if you already have a CH product on your desk than you do not have to worry about the pedals being recognized and used properly.

The pedals have 3 axes. You can depress down like a car pedal for two separate axis, than you can slide the pedals back and forward to to get another axis. Sliding the pedals back and forth is what allows you to control the rudder, just like in a real plane. If you DO actually want to try using the pedals for car games, CH very cleverly provided some plastic chocks that you can slide behind the pedals to stop them from sliding.

The pedals unfortunately do not have any clever mounting or grip system you just get 6 rubber feet on the bottom to stop it from sliding. For most people this will not be enough and you will need to prop them against something heavier and more solid to stop the pedals from moving during play.

At the bottom of each pedal there is a small lip, that allows you to rest your foot on it comfortably without the foot slipping of the pedal. On the other hand real planes do not have these small lips to stop your foot from slipping, however you are unlikely going to wear shoes while playing on the CH pro pedals, so the small lip seems like a necessary concession. However, having to rest your foot on the pedals the whole time can get tiring, especially due to the sensitive nature of the pedals.

  • 3 axes. Left/right differential toe brake control + Rudder
  • Self centering sliding mechanism for Rudder control
  • Chocks to lock rudder axis for for racing games
  • Large base with 7 foot long USB cable
  • Two year manufacturer warranty
  • Buy now at Amazon
  • 23.7 x 13.2 x 11.7 inches ; 1.4 pounds
  • Connectivity: USB 1.1/2.0
  • Works with: Windows and Mac

CH Products Pro Pedals Review Conclusions

The CH Products Pro Pedals are a capable set of flight pedals. However users who want to centre mount their joysticks between their legs will need to look elsewhere. If you are willing to give up on CH quality, product longevity and all CH products integration than the saitek pedals are a good alternative. If you do not have any flight controllers at the moment than buying a prebundled pack with the joystick or flight yoke in either the captains or racers pack is a very attractive and cost effective way to get started.

The Good:

  • Fully featured flight pedals. Rudders with differential braking. Comes with chock blocks that you can place to disable the rudder slide for use in racing games.
  • USB plug and play, no drivers required. Easily recognizable in most games, simple plug and play installation.
  • Works with CH Control Manager software (good for advanced users).
  • Known for its reliability

The Bad:

  • Some users report that the pedals are too close together, hence the nick name “NUT CRAKERS”
  • The pedals do not take much effort to move, some users may find the response to light and overly sensitive
  • Lipped foot pedals, you have to keep your whole feet on the pedals at all times. Not realistic.

Ch Products Pro Pedals Vs Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals vs Logitech G940 Flight Pedals

  • They cost about the same, although you maybe able to find the Saitek pedals slightly cheaper
  • Saitek pedals have an adjustable tension spring and deadzone configurations that make the pedals less sensitive to small changes while your foot is resting
  • Biggest problem with Saitek: Warning. There has been reports that stomping down on the pedals can force them to  push to far into the base and effectively lock up. What follows then is a time consuming process requiring removing about 20 screws to reset the pedals.
  • Saitek pedals are spaced wider apart and is more comfortable for center mounted joystick setups.
  • CH Pedals are known for their reliability, unfortunately some users of saitek pedals seem to run into toe brakes breaking very quickly.
  • Logitech G940 flight pedals are not available for sale separately. If you already own a HOTAS or a joystick, than a G940 would be overkill.

User Reviews

Check out what this user had to say…

Bill King,

Under controller assignments ‘assign axis’ both Microsoft FS2002 and CFS2 menues allow assigning the up and down movement of the pedals to the toebrakes, right and left. Pushing (forwards and backwards) on pedals moves the rudder. It all works perfectly giving a variable analogue brake, the harder you push the more brake you apply. Taxiing the plane using rudder and brakes together works smooth and is easy to control. I velcroed the pedals to a large plywood sheet and attached […] Read the rest of the review >

Jason Adank,

Overall a good set of pedals. Generally good responsiveness and was picked up by my games (FS9/Battlefield2) with no major issues. The cost is good since I think its the cheapest set of rudders out there. Construction pretty solid overall.
However, a couple of major annoyances for me. […] Read the rest of the review >

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