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CH Products Throttle Quadrant

CH Products Throttle Quadrant

If you already have a capable flight yoke or even a joystick and have already purchased a capable set of flight rudders too then you may need to invest in purchasing a set of throttle controls such as the CH Products Throttle Quadrant USB. Now, most flight controllers have on board some form of throttle axis, normally this is provided with a simple rotary control. Other more fancy flight yokes such as the CH Products eclipse yoke, actually have some throttle levers attached to the flight yoke base. on the other hand the Saitek flight yoke actually comes with a separate throttle 3 lever controller.

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Regardless, if you are a fan of general aviation and undoubtedly as your skill in the hobby grows,you will come upon a time when you realise you need has set of dedicated levers in order to control your throttle, mixture and propeller pitch. This is even more important when you are practicing engine failure scenarios. When a single engine fails on your Beechcraft Baron it is imperative that you are able to turn off the damaged engine and the feather the propellers properly in a quick and efficient manner. This is very difficult to do quickly and efficiently as you hunt around on your keyboard trying to pull up the right virtual cockpit display to do what a simple pull of a lever can achieve.

The CH Products Throttle Quadrant USB is a dedicated throttle quadrant controller that has six separate levers which you can assign to any flight control axis. For example, if you are flying a twin engine configuration then you may wish to assign the first 2 levers for independent control of the left and right engine, two for the mixture and two for the prop pitch et cetera. The great thing about this throttle quadrant, is that the knob on the levers are colour-coded just like on a real plane. You can also switch the color of these knobs around as the CH products throttle quadrant includes some additional colored knobs.

Additionally, there are 6 2-way switch buttons under each lever which can easily be used full flap settings, lights or even as part of your aeroplane engines start routine.

This throttle quadrant is easily connected up to your computer by way of a USB plug and without any driver installation the throttle quadrant is picked up by most popular flight simulators.

CH Products Throttle Quadrant Usb review

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CH Products Throttle Quadrant USB Features

  • 6 Levers (6 assignable axis) each with a physical detent.
    • X, Y, Z, R, U, and V which can be assigned for engine control
    • 6 physical plastic detents on each lever
    • 12 virtual buttons that emulate idle and reverse thrust as related to the detent. You must install the CH control manager software in order to unlock this functionality however.
  • 6 x 2-way flip switch buttons
  • 7 foot USB cable, long enough for most home cockpit installations
  • Buy CH Products Throttle Quadrant USB at Amazon
  • Quality industrial components and construction
  • Two year limited warranty

CH Products Throttle Quadrant USB Review

The great thing about the CH Products Throttle Quadrant USB is that it integrates flawlessly with other existing CH flight gear. If you take a little bit of time to learn how to use the CH control manager software than you can save your game profile such that no matter where you plug your controller (on a different port or even on another PC) you can always have a flight profile saved and ready to load and get flying straight away without messing around with having to reassign all your buttons and axis again. A real time saver.

The throttle quadrant is attached to your desk via 2 screw clamps, which are exactly the same as on the CH products flight yoke eclipse. These clamps are not very deep and work well on shallow keyboard trays.

In terms of the actual product, the six leavers are more than adequate for most tasks however if you plan on flying some more exotic four engine propeller planes (such as a WW2 era bomber) then you may not have enough levers available to independently manage all of your engines. however, for most general aviation there are more than enough levers for you to make a realistically mirrored set up. The great thing about having an independent throttle quadrant, is that you can fly with one hand on the yolk while making constantly small minute adjustments to your engine power. this is really important if you are into formation flying where constant small adjustments are required or when you are tackling those harder crosswind landings in bad weather.

CH Products Throttle Quadrant Usb

The addition of some two way flip switches is also a nice little bonus although the competing Saitek pro flight throttle quadrant also has these, so in the end it’s neither a plus or minus. personally, I found myself using these flip switches for my engine start-up routines. As for gears and flaps I assign these controllers to the actual physical levers themselves. Speaking about the levers, they have a decent throw although the motion is a little bit strange as it is mounted horizontally on the table. If there were angled a little more 45° you would have a range of motion that is more akin to what you would find on a real plane. However, they work perfectly in flight simulators and there is very little to complain.

Unfortunately, the throttle quadrant only has physical detents located at the bottom end of the lever action. This works quite well from most in general aviation as this area is normally used for reverse thrust, nonetheless for those that also would like to use their throttle quadrant for air combat flight simulator is it is a shame that there are no detents at the top range to cover such things as emergency war power or afterburner.

Review Conclusions

The throttle quadrant is a very specialized piece of hardware, for most casual gamers it’s probably not required as most flight controllers already have a single throttle axis included somewhere on the joystick or flight yoke. For those that take their flights seeming very seriously, then a six lever throttle quadrant will become an eventual purchase. Nothing beats moving physical levers as you fly a plane, this is especially true for Microsoft flight simulator fans as complex engine management routines are required when flying civilian aircraft. Even if you are into combat flight games and already own a good HOTAS setup a throttle quadrant may still be useful to you as the additional lever axis can be mapped to other flight functions such as flaps, gears and air brakes. Unfortunately, the lack of a detente in the top range of the lever motion means that you do not have precise control over afterburner.

The CH Products Throttle Quadrant USB is a pricey piece of equipment, it will cost you just as much is a good joystick will, for most people they may not be able to justify the cost however it does become another additional purchase over time if you are truly into general aviation. The only other true competitor is the Saitek pro flight throttle quadrant as they perform very similarly. However, if you already own any other CH products gear that the ability to integrate all your CH products into one virtual controller may be enough for you to stay with the CH Products Throttle Quadrant USB for the convenience of uniformity.

The Good:

  • 6 lever axis with additional on-board buttons, enough additional controllers in one package to satisfy your general aviation needs.
  • CH products renown quality, backed with a two year warranty and great customer support provided on their own forums.
  • Easy to install, does not require installation of any drivers.
  • Changeable knobs on the levers, color-coded so that you can remember what they are for.

The Bad:

  • No way to label the function of the two way flip switches officially, you will have to use some stick on paper otherwise you will have a hard time remembering their assigned functions
  • No detentes in the upper range, you can program these input physical detentes would be so much better.
  • Relatively expensive.
  • Does not look sexy, a little bit bulky compared to its competitors.

User Reviews

Check out what other users had to say…

I purchased this to be used with X-Plane and IL-2. It really adds to the enjoyment of both. Being able to change the knobs on top of the levers is a big plus as you can go by feel instead of taking your eyes off of the screen. I find the levers to be very precise but “all the way forward” does not always equal 100% thrust or prop pitch though I am sure I could change these things in the settings. Using thus throttle quadrant is ten times better than using the keyboard and is worth the money for the […] Read the rest of the review >

This is my second purchase of the throttle quad by CH Products. I bought my first unit when they were first released some 8-10 years ago. After being molested by children and slammed around, it finally did die but not by any shortcoming on the manufacturing side. It always worked flawlessly and withstood extreme abuse by grandchildren. After years of this, the indents did give out and the pots got worn too badly to continue to use so I replaced it. I replaced it with the exact same model only after doing in-depth research on all the new models available on the internet. It’s slightly more expensive than the saitek units but, have twice the programable buttons and also can simulate multi-engine setups. The extra caps for the levers are a nice touch as they were on the original unit and the included software ‘bundle’ with the 2 extra aircraft was a very nice bonus. Both are very nice aircraft. If you set it all up right, you’ll have full reverse thrusters along with multiple buttons to program. I use mine in combination with the CH Products flight sim yoke USB and the Saitek rudder pedals that are also usb. They all work perfectly together and give you unbelievable control and a true sense of flying. A good yoke throttle combination is an absolute necessity for smooth flight and landings and these units make that possible and a lot more. If you’re thinking of going for a[…] Read the rest of the review >

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