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GoFlight MCP Pro

GoFlight MCP Pro

The GoFlight MCP Pro is another commercial level flight peripheral from the GoFlight guys.  Continuing its family of Boeing orientated products, today we have the MCP control unit up for review.

When looking for an extremely accurate Boeing 737 MCP panel for your flight simulator needs, look no further than the GoFlight MCP Pro. This outstanding MCP peripheral its “pilot” to actuate flight controls on a panel that is a near 100% replica of the ones used in a real commercial Boeing 737 jetliner. 

Although the initial price tag may horrify you (this MCP retails for around 525.00 USD) it is definitely a product that may just be out of the range of most casual flight simmers today.  Still, make no mistake that this is a premium product and will not disappoint even the most veteran of flight simulator pilots, or even real pilots for that matter.

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Ok, why don’t we have a look at some of the features and characteristics of the GoFlight MCP Pro, a product aimed entirely at the hardcore flight simmer everywhere.

GoFlight MCP Pro Features

This MCP is obviously going to be a great choice for those virtual pilots who prefer to fly any type of commercial airliner jet over small civilian ones. 

In fact this MCP is actually a surprisingly accurate piece of kit and no doubt a useful training aid for real pilots. Obviously, this MCP alone is not sufficient for training an airline pilot, but it does offer an outlet for effective basic training.

This particular model is made to mimic the control paneling inside the Boeing 737; the unit features all the buttons, knobs and switches you expect on a Boeing 737 MCP.

  • The GF-MCP Pro features the following functions:
  • Independent Captain and F/O COURSE knob and display, Independent Captain and F/O Flight Director on/off toggles with indicator, Autothrottle on/off toggle with indicator
  • Autothrottle N1 and SPEED buttons, C/O button for SPD display selection of IAS or MACH, SPEED Knob and display
  • HEADING knob and display with integrated HDG HOLD push function, HDG SEL button, VNAV and LNAV buttons, ALTITUDE knob and display
  • VOR LOC, APP, ALT HOLD and ALT INTV buttons, VERTICAL SPEED wheel control/display, V/S button, A/P CMD A, CWS A, CMD B, and CWS B buttons, DISENGAGE control bar
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  • Dimensions: 2 x 16.2 x 2.7 inches
  • Weight: 2 pound

GoFlight MCP Review

The MCP is just a bit of kit. To get the most out of it you need to go ahead and use it in conjunction with some of the corresponding add-on software that is available for it (Project Magenta, ProSim 737, iFly 737, PMDG 737NGX, and more). Once you have all this, a fully accurate simulation of the 737 aircraft becomes possible.

The GF-MCP Professional comes equipped with all the buttons, switch, course directional knob, displays, flight director buttons and AP disengage control bar that you would find on any functional Boeing 737 MCP.

This hardware also comes equipped with an auto throttle off/on toggle with a corresponding indicator, various speed control buttons, speed knobs, and an up/down speed wheel control for setting the vertical speed.

Setting up the GF-MCP Pro is actually quite easy. All you need to do is find a spare USB port and plug the MCP into your computer via the USB cable.

As it uses USB the MCP is pretty compatible with many different computer and operating systems. Nonetheless setup can still be a pain if your 3rd party add-on 737 doesn’t support the MCP out of the box.

Still it is possible to program/configure the whole thing to work over a free sunday afternoon.

All buttons, knobs etc look seemingly real enough and the feel of each component is hefty. You can tell that a bit of extra effort went into making this MCP worth its price tag.

Review Conclusions

Even though this is such a well-functioning MCP, it does have its pros and cons, as all products do.

One of the cons related to the GFMCP Professional is its relatively high price tag; for almost 550.00 USD, a buyer of this product is really only getting one section of the entire Boeing 737 flight panel. There is still an EFIS etc to add if you want to move all control functions from your keyboard onto peripherals. However, as everything is modular you can always add on to your cockpit as finances allow.

Keep in mind also that besides the MCP you still need the actual flight simulation software and other necessities to get you up and running.

Aside from this, the GoFlight Pro represents an excellent piece of hardware that does exactly what it is supposed to do. All of its knobs and individual control elements serve to give the user an incredibly accurate sense of touch and feel.

When using the GF-MCP Pro in conjunction with MS flight simulator and some 3rd party 737 add-ons, the whole simulator experience reaches a completely different level.

Overall, a super star product, that is a must have for flight simmers who love commercial jets and have the money lying around for it, for others it will sit on the wish list.


  • Everything faithfully replicated on the MC
  • Durable construction
  • A flight simmers fantasy step up from consumer level flight controllers
  • The cheapest MCP replica (unless you build your own)


  • The $price
  • Big unit, requires a proper mounting area (no clamps)
  • Takes some time to configure if your flight simulator doesn’t support it.

MCP Pro (Video Game)

Manufacturer: GoFlight Technologies, Inc.
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