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Logitech G940

Logitech G940

There are not too many big competitors in the flight sim market but it is nice to see Logitech jumping into the market finally, with a solid comprehensive offering as the g940.  The Logitech g940 (Logitech flight system g940) is a bit of an all in one package. For those with joysticks, or rudders or even throttle units in their possession the Logitech g940 will be a little bit of an over kill. For its price however its a great setup, for around $400 you can get everything you need to start experiencing a realistic flight simulator setup.

The Logitech g940 package comes with

  • Joystick
  • Dual lever throttle unit
  • Rudder Pedals

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For those waiting to jump into flight simulation than the g940 takes all the pain out of sourcing these components separately and of course worrying whether or not the individual parts when connected will play together nicely. The g940 allays all these fears as both the throttle and rudder have cables that plug into the joystick housing, which then runs ONE single USB cable to your computer. No need for a powered USB hub, no need to eat up a row of 3 usb ports. If you are into some hardcore flight simulation than adding gadgets and running out of USB ports is actually a real worry. Its nice therefore that Logitech have combined the peripherals together into one simple cable to your pc.

Oh, did I mention this unit comes with Force Feedback? Unlike the majority of other flight controls this unit actually packs a punch. A literal punch that is, as the unit comes with force feedback. Which for its price range is the only real force feedback option for the enthusiasts unless you are willing to lay down some heavy cash for a specialist solution.

The inclusion of force feedback on the Logitech g940 is a very interesting choice. This means that in games (assuming the game supports the force feedback options) will allow you to feel your aircraft as it reacts to various things in the in game environment. For example, the Logitech g940 will feed back physically to you as your air plane under goes turbulence, g–forces and other forces (such as getting shot – if you like playing flight sims with guns, I mean combat air games like sturmovik).logitech g940

Update: The Logitech G940 looks to be on sale at Amazon!

Logitech G940 Features

  • Force Feedback Joystick
    • Dual stage metal trigger
    • POV hat control
    • 8-way hat Switch
    • 6 push buttons
    • Pinky shift button
    • 3 analogue trim wheels
    • Frictionless X + Y axis sensors
  • Throttle
    • Dual lever throttle (can be locked together)
    • Adjustable resistance and tension
    • 2 x 8 way hat switches
    • 4 push buttons on grip
    • 2 x Rotary analog controls
    • 8 x LED backlit push buttons with customizable labels
    • 3 stage mode switch
  • Rudder Pedals
    • 3 axis (Rudder + 2 x Toe brakes)
    • Adjustable tension and resistance wheel
    • Retractable carpet grips
  • All buttons, switches, and axes are fully programmable using Logitech software.
  • To buy the Logitech g940, you can get them on sale at Amazon by clicking on this link
  • Product Dimensions: 16.1 x 10.9 x 15.9 inches ; 15.3 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 16.8 pounds
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Works on Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • USB 2.0 Connection
  • Comes with external power pack for force feedback motors to function

Logitech G940 Review

If you inspect the controls you can see where Logitech have taken a designers page of military and commercial controls, fusing them together in an attractive package. Aiming to be as realistic as possible yet retain a playability and ease of use that you should expect to be comfortable with as an arm chair flight simmer.

logitech g940 joystickThe Logitech g940 joystick as mentioned has force feedback. Right at the base are your 3 trim controllers. Two are wheels (you will want to assign them to elevator and aileron) and a third trim knob which might be suitable for rudder trim. The only strange quirk with these analogue trim wheels is that they do not have any center detente. Which for analogue trim wheels is a real killer because it means you can’t get a perfect center trim without taking your eyes of the screen and looking at the base of the joystick.¬† Other controllers such as the CH Products Eclipse Yoke avoid this issue all together by using rotary encoders that spin in any direction indefinitely and offer a center push function on the trim wheel to act as a digital trim reset button.

All the buttons sit comfortably within reach and have a good commanding feel to each click and push. The joystick itself fits with a smaller profile in your hand, which is a good thing compared to the realistically modeled yet hard to reach buttons on the CH Products Fighterstick USB stick.

logitech g940 pedalThe provided rudders work as they should. Although it is of mainly a plastic construction, the pedals exhibited no strange noises or flexing during use. Additionally like the Saitek Pro Flight Rudders there is a central knob on the unit that allows you to dial in additional or less tension to suit. The inclusion of rudder pedals is welcome, there is no substitute for proper pedals. A twisting joystick is functional but entirely unrealistic and it just trains bad habits that you will have to undo once you do get a set of rudder pedals.g940 throttle

The dual lever throttle is quite a rare design. Only one other HOTAS unit on the market, the Thrustmaster Warthog offers the same functionality, although even for a similar price you do not get a set of rudder pedals. There are a lot of on board switches and buttons on the throttle itself and are in perfect finger distance. Additionally, rather than provide fixed labelled switches or buttons, Logitech have given you 8 generic LED light buttons that you can assign to any function. Additionally each button cap can be removed and a square cardboard piece with labels inserted so that you can remember their assignments.

The action on the throttles is smooth and their are even detentes that give you a feel for when you are at idle or pushing up to the afterburner positions on the throttle. If you want to more realistically lift the throttle over the indents than the TM warthog will be more what you are looking for.

All the buttons and switches on the Logitech g940 are programmable. You can write new controller profiles to better suite your in game preferences. More than likely there are enough buttons and switches on this HOTAS that you do not have to program any of the buttons, however the flexibility is there if you need it.

Review Conclusions

The only HOTAS force feedback joystick package on the market. A good beginner package that has everything you need to start flying. It even comes with a dual lever throttle which is still quite rare on flight throttles. The only option would be to spend a little bit extra to get the Thrustmaster Warthog however you lose out on flight pedals.

The Good

  • No center detentes on all trim wheels and knobs
  • Force feedback. Provides extra feedback in your flight sims. A plane for example with vibrate before it stalls.
  • Dual throttle design
  • Option to straight bolt thru all controllers to a hard mount

The Bad

  • The joystick base warms up after some play due to the force feedback motors
  • Profiles take a bit of time to setup in game
  • Programming software and driver support is spotty as reported by many users online
  • Rotary trim pots don’t have a centre dentente

Logitech Flight System G940 Force Feedback Joystick (Personal Computers)

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Used from: $779.99 USD In Stock

Check out what users had to say:

Sherly, (reprahased for word count)

If you are into flight simulators,then the logitech g940 makes the flying experienceas real as you can get short of flying a real plane in the sky. The unit does take up a lot of space in the room, but having the rudder pedals makes a big difference in allowing for realistic control of the plane. The force feedback in the joystick fortunately works well and adds to the realism of the flight operations. I found the logitech g940 to work well with […] Read the rest of the review >

J. Harrington,

It is very hard to give an overall rating to the G940 because I think it is better with certain flight sim software than others. I liked all the features of the unit but returned it after 30 days. I have flown flight sims for many years and tested many, many settings to overcome the issues that persisted but to no avail.
The main reason for the return was an overheating problem. It became very hot to the touch. This caused the heat sensor to drop the force feedback after about 45 minutes of flying. This is not acceptable. The overheating problem is documented by others in the Logitech forums but is not universal.
The second issue was the rudder pedals. No matter what settings I gave it, when I needed to input a small amount of rudder I received a large jump in control output causing the plane to yaw about 400% further […] Read the rest of the review >

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