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MS FSX For Pilots Real World Training Review

MS FSX For Pilots Real World Training Review

Still flying Microsoft flight simulator 10? Maybe you’ve recently installed and just completed some of its training missions.

If you are hankering for more learning then this book called Microsoft flight simulator X pilots real-world training is going to be on your wish list.

For as old as Microsoft flight simulator X is, I personally reckon it still is the best overall flight simulator you can buy even with the new Microsoft flight. The great thing about Microsoft flight simulator X is that it does come with some general aviation training provided by Rob. The default training is actually pretty good and very informative.

However, I did feel that the training was a little bit brief in parts as it rushes you the short training segments.

This is where this book is great. It is much more detailed and the great thing about it is that is written for people with little to no general aviation knowledge.

As a complete beginner to flight simulation, this book gives you a new-found sense of structure and guidance that you would probably only ever get investing $100 at a time on a real professional pilot teacher.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X For Pilots Real World Training Review

So what is this book? Well basically you install Microsoft Flight Simulator X and have this hard copy book next to you and go through chapter by chapter as it brings you from the beginnings of how to fly a plane all the way up to the kind of skills and knowledge you would need as a commercial or air transport pilot.

The book is written by two real pilot trainers and is really one of the best beginner to advanced scenario based training books that I have found to date.

The book also comes with some pre-made missions which you copy into your Microsoft flight simulator X saved flights folder. So all the training that you follow through in the book, the examples are actually flyable by yourself in Microsoft flight simulator X as described on the pages you are reading.

Rather than go through every single bit of the book, here is a list of the kind of things  this book teaches you. What I like most about this book is that starts you off  gently at a novice level and as long as you stick with it you can learn quite some advanced things.

Where this book is also great is that it has real-life examples straight out of Microsoft flight simulator. Which means the learning is not only textbook but also hands on.

Some of the things that this book will teach you include,

  • How to set up your own simpit (choosing PC, buying controllers etc) as well as some advice on finding a real life offline pilot school
  • How to use Microsoft flight simulator to help you prepare for real actual flight training
  • The basics of flight mechanics and aviation without boring you to tears
  • Read the contents page listing to get a better idea of what you can learn

Microsoft Flight Simulator X For Pilots Real World Training Conclusion

This book is really cool. If you are the kind of person like me, who needs a little bit of structure and handholding to make the most out of an open tool like Microsoft flight simulator X then this hard copy book is fantastic.

Keep in mind that this book was really written for use as a good teaching manual. As such it really drills you from the basics to the advanced level knowledge and skills required when flying a plane.

This doesn’t mean it’s boring or come of as reading a textbook. All the way through the pages of this book you can feel the infused personality and experience of the two writers which helps to make the whole experience really enjoyable.

Even if you didn’t have Microsoft flight simulator on the PC,  reading this book just to learn about general aviation is actually a pretty enjoyable read. Of course, if you don’t own Microsoft flight simulator 10 then by the time you open this book and read the first chapter you will probably convince yourself pretty quickly to have your own copy installed quick smart.

As an information product, can’t really say that there are any real negatives. The information is quite easy to follow and from other customer reviews of this book it seems like the information it provides is quite detailed and spot on.

The only minor quibble I have, is that the only real integration you get between the book and Microsoft flight simulator 10 is a bunch of pre-saved flights. This is nice to get you up and running, however if you are looking for the integrated missions with badges and checkpoints then you will be a little bit disappointed.

Then again, if some enterprising young person were to convert all the training into real Microsoft flight simulator X missions with badges and scores this product could be absolutely killer.


  • Beginner to advanced concepts packaged in a really approachable and easy to read way
  • Follow along on MS FSX
  • Sense of achievement as you learn real aviation and pilot skills
  • If you are already on the step to becoming a real pilot this $20 book is worth its weight in gold


  • Pre saved flights so that you can follow the book, these aren’t setup as missions per se.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X For Pilots Real World Training (Paperback)

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New From: $17.43 USD In Stock
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MS FSX For Pilots Real World Training Review4.5Ryoma Heisei2018-01-12 03:22:22Still flying Microsoft flight simulator 10? Maybe you’ve recently installed and just completed some of its training missions.

If you are hankering …

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