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Saitek X52 Pro

Saitek X52 Pro

If you are thinking of buying theĀ Saitek X52 Flight Control System read this first…

Flight simulator fans are probably the most demanding players in existence.

If a chopper sim would not model the completely precise velocity needed to efficiently auto-rotate after an engine failure, inverted and during a Hurricane, you will be assured their displeasure will span a minimum of seventeen hundred pages on the forums.

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We should always know, as there are a number of Maverick wannabes strutting around the workplace, singing “You have lost that lovin’ feeling” to any receptionist who’ll listen. So you need to respect corporations like Saitek, who cater particularly to these most exacting of customers. Can its newest stick the saitek x52 pro fulfill the extremely high expectations?

Features of Saitek x52 pro

  • 2 dedicated MFD buttons and a pair of rotary dials with in-constructed buttons
  • MFD displays data straight from video games, together with Radio Stack info from Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X
  • Software Development Package included for creating recreation-specific packages to interact with the MFD
  • Choice of pink, amber or green button illumination
  • lluminated buttons and MFD – ideal for low light environments
  • Throttle unit illumination varies relying on throttle place
  • Enhanced MFD backlighting
  • Improved cable management system on the saitek x52 pro
  • See complete list of features


First impressions last and the saitek x52 pro is a definite sexy looking flight control. From the previous saitek x52, you will notice that it has grown up. Gone is the childish blue color scheme and in with a slightly more serious grey and black color scheme. The saitek x52 pro’s generic looking nature is both a strength and its weakness. You get a bit of everything in this flight controller and this allows you to suspend disbelief a lot easier even as you move from controlling a Warthog A10 to a single engine prop fighter. There is more than enough on board dials and controls within easy reach that a trip to the keyboard is hardly required. The saitek x52 in my opinion falls somewhere in line of the best product for the mid level gamer. For whom a single joystick only setup is inadequate to meet all the control needs. The added throttle makes the saitek x52 pro extremely versatile, for use in either planes or even helicopters. [easyazon-image-link asin=”B000LQ4HTS” alt=”Saitek X52 Flight Control System” src=”https://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51H0R624GHL._SL160_.jpg” align=”right” width=”160″ height=”160″]

The MFD display, first launched on the X52 Flight Controller, is now interactive. Now you’ll be able to display necessary in-game info such as the Radio Stack and work together with your video games directly. New metal components increase durability and the unique dual-spring mechanism gives a progressive spring force on the stick’s motion, making it extra resistant the more you push it from centre. The Saitek x52 Pro makes use of the same magnetic corridor sensor, non-contact technology as the saitek x52 however we’ve doubled the variety of sensors to improve response. The sleek motion and enhanced control give you unparalleled accuracy and bring you even closer to reality.

To create the final word in flight control, Saitek consulted the worlds leading flight-sim specialists, reviewed every element and function of the acclaimed saitek x52 and made greater than a dozen vital improvements. Packed with programmable controls, engineered from realistic, military-spec supplies and fully customizable, the x52 Professional maximizes interaction with PC flight sims or flight combat games, delivering the ultimate flying experience


  • The cheapest and most usable HOTAS setup on the market
  • Unique MFD
  • 2 big rotaries on throttle! Necessary for trim. Not all throttles have these.


  • No dual throttle lever
  • Lots of forum complaints hinting at lack of build quality on some production units

Saitek X52 Pro Flight System Controller (Personal Computers)

List Price: $199.99 USD
New From: $199.99 USD In Stock
Used from: $140.00 USD In Stock

Saitek X52 Pro User Review:

Sim-Tech Guy., (rephrase)

I had the CH Yoke and Throttle set first which was ok, but I didn’t find that set up had the sharp control feel I used to be wanting for. I did some analysis on the web, reading the critiques on completely different systems and at last determined to go along with the Saitek X52 Pro Flight System. I ordered it and while on the costly side, I found every part about this controller to be first class and price each penny. It seems nice, feels nice in your arms, and it is way more precise at controlling all plane axis. I’m fully happy and will by no means return to the CH Yoke setup again.


Saitek X52 Pro4Ryoma Heisei2015-08-10 17:52:13If you are thinking of buying theĀ Saitek X52 Flight Control System read this first…

Flight simu…

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